Richard "Wolf" Deer (DEAD)


Tania: “We’re going to rob the Codicias. Then use get that Money back to the people they’ve taken it from in the first place.”
Wolf: “People like me.” says Wolf, taking a drag.

Lean, tan, and rather short, Wolf stands out from the crowd not only because of his raspy voice and surly demeanor. He also dresses like a biker. The kind you see in comic books and bad movies, decked out in thick leather everything despite the choking Duwang heat.

His full face motorcyle helmet is tampographed to make the visor look like the jaws of a grinning skull.

Richard bears a hefty grudge against the Codicia, blaming them for an assassinating his salaryman brother. He nursed his plans for revenge for a long, long time before finally finding opportunity when he gained his powers.



Richard can take any one vehicle, and control it from a distance, with very little effort. His powers also extend to changing the vehicle’s form and performance, upgrading both to suit his needs.

His hotspot was his parking space in his apartment building. Any vehicle he’d park there would permanently keep its altered form.


Richard was Tania’s first recruit for the Heist of May, where he eventually ran off with the cash, leaving his contemporaries to fend off the Army. This drew the ire of the surviving participants, who eventually hunted him down to render him braindead. He is for all intents and purposes, no longer alive.

Last Words

“Oh, come ON.”

Richard "Wolf" Deer (DEAD)

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